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In these difficult times when artists, who are mainly freelance, have not been able to earn any money this is an opportunity for them to do a “busk”, a short form video, and to encourage the audience to donate to them. Some artists are choosing to do this as a means of helping others.

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About The Big heArt Busk

BIG HEART BUSK is a site that will enable all live performers to showcase their talents from home via recorded “busks” or short form recorded content and that will allow an online audience to donate. 

It’s a celebration of the national talent that is currently locked down and a way to generate some income for performers 

You can search for your favourite performers or performance type and show your support for artists and performers by donating to them directly online via this site - our virtual Busking Hat. 

All performers can elect to have any donations directed to them, or into a general pot. The money generated from the latter will be distributed equally between performers using the site. 

“Artists have been so restricted these past few months, they need to be able to flex their muscles no matter if they are a stand-up, a dancer, an actor or a trick cyclist, they need to express and practice and the BIG HEART BUSK gives them that opportunity and I wholly support it as will those performers to take part.” 
Brian Cox

“This is a great idea. Naturally I’m in favour of anything that might help energise, renew and revivify the performing arts.” 
Stephen Fry


Artists are asked to REGISTER HERE and submit their Busk to this site. Once registered you will get a dedicated page on the site so that you can promote your busk and so that the Audience can donate to you. Alternatively you can opt to put any donation you receive into a pot to be split between all the performers on the site. 

Your “Busk” or short film content can be recorded on a phone or whatever facilities you have available. 

You can add: 

  • Busks of any type, be it music, dance, comedy, poetry, circus, theatre
  • Upload an image and your recorded “busk” or short film recorded content.
  • Provide Bank or PayPal details (for your pay-out)

Only if circumstances are safe - if your local Covid-19 safety measures allow - you can add:

  • Dates/Times of a live permanence
  • Location of performance & pin your location on a map so an audience can find you


The project was conceived by producer William Burdett-Coutts and Kim Acland. The BIG HEART BUSK was intended to be a live national event but given the current recommended distancing measures the BIG HEART BUSK has taken its performance spots online.

Inspired by DistDance and Royal Ballet dancers Annette Buvoli and Harry Churches performing a duet on Hoxton docks canal-side to an audience of walkers and cyclists on the opposite bank.  Big heART Busk will see performances of any kind from comedy, monologues, poetry, dance, clowning, music, and visual artists at work.  

The audiences can be anyone - art seekers unsuspecting shoppers, sunbathers, walkers, runners and picnickers.  All enjoying living, breathing art happening live.

Supported by: Foyle Foundation | Promoted by: Assembly Theatre | Facilitated by: