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"Certainly lives upto the show title. Big value for some really great comics. I’ve got tickets to see Nina and Jons’ shows from seeing them here. Brilliant!"

Gemma McLoughlin

"Great show pity only 2 days left, if you can get in go"

Martin Clayton

"This is a fun and family friendly hour of amazing tricks done with great humour and a winning wizard - get a ticket, you will not regret it"

Martin Clayton

"Wow 🤩 Should be the pick of the Fringe Fest ❣️ Real Talent!!! Absolutely Love the music… Can’t wait to see what comes of this!"

Kelita Wanvestraut

"Fantastic show . Loved the anecdotes and fun facts about the song writers and why Jeremy had particularly chosen these songs. Just buy a ticket and go!"

Suzanne Johnston


Zoo Tickets 3

"Such a wild ride of a show! Going in I didn’t know what to expect but I was happily surprised with such a brilliant cast and hilarious story! The creativity of the plot is something I’ve never seen before and I highly recommend this show to anyone and everyone!"

Charlotte Seara

"Brilliant, the hour flew by. Jon is hilarious, engaging and able to find the funny in even the most mundane."

Gemma McLoughlin

"Raw. Funny. Illuminating. Really makes you consider life from a different angle. Loved it."

Lynn Tweddle

"very enjoyable show, fairly priced. giggled the whole way through :)"

Douglas Pascal

"Brilliant show, laughed and laughed!!"

Heather Honey

"Fantastic show!"

Bill Elms

"fantastic show"

Bill Elms

"What an incredible surprise this show was! The physical comedy garnished with darkness was an absolute treat. The performances were exceptional, they deserve a sellout show every day. I was also honoured to be their Phil. Highly recommended!"

James Collins

"Bats**t comes to mind. Completely absorbing and fun, unlike anything I had seen. Very memorable in a good way!"

Lisa Stirling

"This show is amazing. Joanna Lipari is a fantastic actor and her animation is so compelling and innovative. As she told the audience, she’s a 73 year old “first timer” at Edinburgh and needs to get the word out…so here’s the word - THIS SHOW IS A MUST SEE!"

Rosa Arias