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"I attended a this show. collision, superb show!! Absolutely fantastic, and a great way to spend a time."

ines puente

"I attended a this show. Ballet freedom, superb show!! Absolutely fantastic, and a great way to spend a time."

ines puente

"I attended a this show. Kin, superb show!! Absolutely fantastic, and a great way to spend a time."

ines puente

"A wonderfully written show, which takes you on a true emotional journey. Witty, heartfelt and inventive, and set to an alluring and emotive soundtrack. A true Edinburgh hidden gem, go see it!"

Doug Phillipson

"Awesome show! Loved the story and production! A proper lol and a Must must see"

Jay Singh

"Moving, funny, sensitively written and playfully performed. This play doesn't pull punches and left me with a lot to think about."

Patrick McHugh

"@mrjackdocherty Jack Docherty: Nothing But Wow, what a show. A real page turner of a production and brilliantly performed. No fat on this - go and buy a ticket if you can. Don't miss. A class act. Thanks Jack. #JackDocherty"

Darren Machin

"I can't speak highly enough of this hilarious comedy duo! Wonderfully wacky, heart-warming, and original. Had me and my mate in stitches! I only wish I was in Edinburgh long enough to see it again. 5* you won't regret it!"

Tom Bentham

"gemma is hilarious! the show is really funny both for parents and kids. i was hoping it would catch my 9month old's attention and it certainly did! a good mixture of physical humour and smart storytelling. well done and carry on working on your dream, gemma."

Carina Assunção

"This is a masterpiece! Titanic! It does exactly what the program says. However the program doesn't do the show justice. This is a one man reenactment of the entire movie. You will see every scene that you remember from the movie. You will recognise every character. A work of genius. Go see!"

Olaf Mackenzie

"Reuben Kaye is here to stay. Reuben was born for the fringe. This is an hour in the company of greatness. Reuben is wickedly sarcastic, simultaneously vulnerable, warm and compassionate. The show touches on issues that everyone can relate to. A master of his art. Go see!"

Olaf Mackenzie

"This is a fascinating true life tale. Will leave you reeling. Henry naylor is a major talent. You won't regret this hour!"

Olaf Mackenzie

"9 Circles is amazing. A gripping, disturbing story masterfully told. We jump back and forward in time filling in the gaps in the story. A mind blowing finale... Fight for a ticket!"

Olaf Mackenzie

"Great Show, attended today and thoroughly enjoyed it"

Seamus Doherty


Jonathan Spottiswoode

"Whole family loved it !"

Ken Clarke

"One of the best shows I have seen at this year's Fringe, a great show, highly recommend"

Tina Doherty

"Great show, loved it a great performance 5 stars"

Tina Doherty

"Absolutely amazing show, looking forward to next year"

Tina Doherty

"Hilarious! LeAh Lamarr was outstanding. Laugh out loud funny, Raunchy and a great audience experience. I was impressed with her ability to weave in and out of dramatic moments with well placed jokes. Not for the faint hearted and certainly not to be missed."

Liam Hemingsway