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"The 7 stories are beautifully told and acted to the accompaniment of a fiddle/violin harp and guitar. The music is ethereal. As the audience left many were wondering if the stories were true as they were so well crafted. A show that makes you think about how life can change quickly and how events can have life long consequences."

Julia Bracewell

"This is a terrific show by a consumate actor. Go see ii."

James Dougherty

"Just saw this last night and loved it! Beautiful physical theater and a type of improv I haven't seen before (No audience interaction)."

Xela Batchelder

"Story, the narrative that connects us. Lynn is the queen of storytelling and winds us through her world masterfully. She gives a personal glimpse into the life of her family and their response to tragic events by bringing new life into the world, all with a good deal of humor. She then brings the audience along, showing the power of story that lives in all of us. Lynn is a brilliant and engrossing writer and performer. This is A must see!!"

Lee Allison

"Lynne is a master storyteller and will take you on a funny, uplifting and emotional journey. You’ll find yourself adding your own stories in this piece that is part performance and part conversation. At times raw, she never fails to bring the audience with her. Go join her in Storyland and leave all the better for it."

Andrea McMillan

"To anyone thinking of going to see shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, Lynn Ferguson’s Storyland is a brilliant show. It’s funny, powerful and really emotional. I went to see the preview show with My husband last night and we both left with tears in our eyes. As well as being funny it was very moving."

Nick Laird

"Stunning performances , visually amazing, thought provoking.. never seen anything quite like . I saw it in London, just as revelatory this time . Loved it"


"The Queen of Storytelling is back!! Don't miss this incredible rollercoaster of a show. You'll laugh, you'll cry and find yourself contemplating life, the universe and...oh, everything! an absolute gem of a show - go see!"

Rachel Ogilvy

"Saw this opening night and it was great. funnier than i expected, a dark comedy worth checking out"

Sarah Jones

"Attended Lynn Ferguson Storyland show last night. Thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking, witty and relevant. My only critique was it wasn't long enough. I'd have happily sat through a further hour of Lynn's deliverance of observation and and felt it criminal that she was limited and on discussion with my group and that of other members of the audience, it was clear we all felt the same. Lynn carefully guided us through a journey of emotions leaving us on a high. Having been couPed up, (and not far from her own Cluckywood), throughout the pandemic eased us nicely back into the life we all once new. Please allow her next visit/ performance a larger time slot as the audience will thank you for it!"

Janis Ferguson



"A must see show! I was totally engrossed from start to finish with Lynn's fabulous storytelling. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and I'm pretty sure the rest of the audience did too. I laughed, cried and almost everything in-between. There were moments when everyone collectively gasped, were stunned into silence, or individuals involuntarily blurted out their own responses, as they were drawn into both Lynn's and their own story. Lynn comes across very humble and says she is not a professional story teller. After watching this I have to say I disagree. Go see it!"

Lyndsey Jackson

"What a well constructed, thought provoking, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional show. We all have our own story and this reaffirms this. Please go and see it and your own story will come out."

David Lavery

"Intense, original and funny show from a hugely talented performer."

Chris Marks

"So fun and diverse!"

Guest User

"It's a slow start to this pub based show but when the songs start coming the show takes off. ADele's hello is sublime, the voice screams out for audience participation and the finale is breathtakingly beautiful. more than talented singers, They Play piano, guitar and beer glasses, tap dance on table tops and perform miracles with a mop. this is a cracker of a show. arrive early for your free pint. the show started late so leave enough time if you are hitting a late night show afterwards. this talented bunch however deserve more songs and less dialogue. great toe tapping, sing along, feel good show."

Julia Bracewell

"A raucus, testosterone-filled, tongue-in-cheek look at the macho world of the hired gun. Will Manbo rescue the colonel? Will Borris thwart him? Will he find his true meaning? None of that matters, but you will find out in this is a hilarious masterpiece of physical comedy with a soundtrack to die for... More than once - [email protected]#&er!"

Olaf Mackenzie

"Hilarious! Everything you want from a fringe show, comedy, music, heart, zombies! the best choice for a late night fringe show"

Matt Stallworthy

"This show is going to go places."

Anne Pierce

"Beautifully told story with subtlety and honesty, and lots of laughs!!! A fantastic performance. I could watch it several times and want to bring all my friends."

Oriana Buckland