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Rise and Grind

"Hilarious fun, well written, great vocals and even greater comedy. A stellar performance. This is what the Fringe is all about. I couldn’t recommend it higher."

Calvin H

Femme Natale Theatre

"Beg, borrow or steal to get a ticket .. a fresh breath of air comedy ticket .. Seen all versions and always has you giggling in agreement for more! 101 comedy that makes the point as it is for us all ... Great crown pleaser and defy anyone not to smirk in agreement !"

Maria S

Cam Gavinski: Bonheur

"One of the best comedy performances I’ve seen in my life!! I’d be shocked if he’s not a big name within a few years. Incredibly witty and subversive but not without a deeply relatable account of his coming-of-age experience. Don’t miss this guy!"

Markus M

Two Cats on a Date

"The most hilarious zany creative hour imaginable...actually UNimaginable. And you don't even have to be a cat person to love this show. Trust me on that. Griffin is comic genius."

Barbara P

The Messenger


Long Z


"One of the best plays I've seen in a long time. If you're a fan of Waiting for Godot, this play is a must see. Deuteronomy evokes the sense of inevitability and futility of waiting that Godot is known for, while still becoming something entirely unique to itself. I'll be keeping an eye out for other plays written by this company in the future!"

Sophia K

Certain Death and Other Considerations

"What a great comedy dilemma. And in the hands of this company of extraordinary actors, the hour is charged with laughs and tears -- and even a hint of stubborn optimism."

William R

Femme Natale Theatre

"Great comedy sketches with lots of laughs.Creative costumes."

Murray T

Lane Kwederis: Sex Job

"Sharp, witty and honest - Lane Kwederis lays out the reality of sex work to a very captive audience. The show is part confessional, part TedTalk and very funny. I really enjoyed the way Lane gently invited us into her world to give a refreshing perspective on what could be a very serious topic. Willing participants could even make some money - I regret not volunteering sooner!"

James C

Ben Hart: Jadoo

"Ben is a master of magic. Literally blew my mind! Cannot recommend this enough - a beautiful mix of culture, storytelling and of course jaw dropping MAGIC"

Nicole E

JM Coetzee's Life & Times of Michael K

"Stunning show. A must see at the fringe this year from the creators of the War Horse show. Incredible puppetry, fantastic acting and a strong plot made this practically a Broadway experience. And all for £10!"

Dom W


"I saw Showstopper yesterday with my dad and I still have the song in my head! Easily the best comedy show I've seen at the fringe (and I go every year!) Very tongue in cheek, hit every note and left me wanting to see what Isabel Klein (sorry I mean Isabel_Klein on Instagram) is going to do next!"

Emma L

The Disney Delusion

"A fantastically dry and well-written recounting of a terrible trip. With his self-deprecating style, Leif is a like a modern-day David Sedaris as he takes his audience on a night out he wishes he could forget."

James C

Marc Adams: BMW Bavarian's Most Wanted

"Review : Michelle´ s Monologues - M D Harding Travel Photography Edinburgh Marc is visiting Edinburgh and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time with his unique variety comedy show including music, singing, magic, acting, unique props, and Krautwork. The show is full of energy, upbeat, and fun!"

Marc A

JM Coetzee's Life & Times of Michael K

"An astonishing show of powerful story telling with an amazing combination of stunning puppetry (from the War Horse team) and captivating acting. If you see nothing else this festival go to see this."

Gwynneth C

The Stand-Up Horror Show

"I didn't plan on attending this but loved it. What a quirky, funny and feel good show. Really please I was passing and popped in. Would book to see him again."

Kay H


"This performance was so powerful, I wept. A hauntingly beautiful soundtrack and ethereal solo pieces of movement tantamount to the Resurrection followed by a visitation of an angel. A humbling, and emotional piece of work to nourish your soul. Don’t miss it!"

Nicola C

JM Coetzee's Life & Times of Michael K

"Stunning experience! Watch inanimate puppets come to life on stage. Subtle, extraordinary."

Elise W


"Well worth it - brilliantly skilled dancers producing a relatable and humorous dance show."

Elise W

The Maids

"A really well put together show. Strong performance from the actors/dancers and good use of props and sound design."

Moira R

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