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"Visually beautiful, as well as relaxing, reflective and meaningful."

Zoo Tickets 4

"Outrageous and funny as well as extremely truthful."

Zoo Tickets 4

"This was a really funny, perfectly cast and excellently acted show. Very well written! An hour well spent giggling away in this crazy world! Recommend!"

Zoo Tickets 4

"Saw last week. Beautiful music, beautiful voices, and fantastic skill with the instruments !"

Karen Fisher

"An uplifting show about seeking contact and friendship during isolation. Four skilled and generous performers who take you on a journey where flighting frustration becomes necessary to find inner peace. Thank you."

Ondine Oberlin

"This was an amazing show, extremely technically impressive and it evoked many emotions within me as the show progressed. Definitely see it if you have the chance!"

Jordan Davies

"Incredible physical performance exploring our relationship with time and space in a breathless way."

Zoo Tickets 1

"Fantastic show. Great value for money."

Rona Thomson

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Anu a 7. She comes across as intelligent, confident and witty. My feeling is that she is on the way up as the material becomes more settled. But she is worth seeing now"

Alan Paterson

"Tatum is SO talented. Each of the characters she presents is uniquely identifiable and they all fit together wonderfully. The story flows well and never loses tension. This lady could go far. Go see it. (Wish I was able to go again- with my phone switched off)"

Alan Paterson

"Amazing show, it was thoroughly enjoyed by me and friends. Exceptionally put together by the team would 100% recommend to anyone spending time at the fringe this summer!"

Emily Mcleish

"An amazing and a very emotional show with a great portrayal of the main character. A perfect combination of top-notch acrobatics and pantomime. You get to experience a lot of emotions throughout the show - fear, joy, hope and despair (with a great dose of humor). Highly recommended!"

Jiri Aberle

"Fantastic show with a great blend of humour with pure drama. Unmissable a real hidden gem amongst the fringe."

Jack McCulloch

"Great show ! Interesting, moving and darkly funny. Gives a great inside to the hidden world or theatre through nuanced writing. Would recommend to everyone no matter how experienced they are of a theatre watcher !"

Ellen Breen

"have you seen this woman?’ thrums with a dark and dangerous energy. narrated by naomi, following her life before and after the event that caused her mom to go “missing”. the sinister truth of what really happened lies beneath layers of captivating and (dis)honest storytelling- naomi’s voice feels like that of an old friend recounting an almost believable tale to you. there are moments of gasp-worthy suspense, oftentimes hilarious dialogue and a black, beating heart at its core. this show deserves to be recognized widely and favourably at this years #edfringe!"

Gordon Cameron

"A great - and very funny performance last night by Debra. Her impressions go from days gone bye to right up to date and her singing is just fantastic. Such energy and enthusiasm by Debra is wonderful - especially during her Kate Bush Wuthering Heights impersonation! Just wonderful!!!!"

Hazel Campbell

"Best show we saw at the fringe this year. Fascinating and powerful with some well balanced humour too and very intimate, felt like the performer was only talking straight to us. Never ever thought about this subject from a disabled POV and it's made us ponder and chat a lot about it post-show so thank you to Scripped Up."

Rob Coombes

"The Nongenue has spoken and I’ve been missing her all my life! The best combo of T&A, laughs, and epiphanies I’ve ever seen."

Piper Werle