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"Saw this with 21 year old daughter on Sunday and we both thought it was fantastic."

Caroline P

Vincent - His Quest to Love and Be Loved

"A mix of song and spoken word delivered with passion and intensity about Van Gogh's sad love life - best thing we've seen at the Fringe in years."

Trevor P

Goose's Quizzes Elimination Game

"Fantastic show last night. Great variety of questions. Good for a mixture of ages. Everyone supports each other when anyone wins a crown. It's a brilliant interactive show and highly recommend. I will hopefully be back before the day of the fringe."

Jenny A

Out of the Blue

"Really enjoyed, especially the tap dancing!"

Jane H

LOLyamorous: A Live Speed-Dating Comedy Show

"Hilarious ! Laughed the for the full hour! Just brilliant. Will definitely be back!"

Paula S

Lost in the Woods

"Loved this! Well structured plot which had the audience giggling! Brilliant use of the shadow screen - truly brought all the stories to life. Not to be missed; children and adults will find it completely endearing!"

Fiona H

Do You Remember the First Rhyme?

"Lisa show is great walk through the creative process and the art of growing up without growing old."

John O

Tales From a Haunted Bookshop

"I visited today with my son, aged 6 and we both loved it! With the appropriate mix of comedy, creepiness and multiple character impersonations, the show was both entertaining and engaging - with a little audience participation. This was my son's first festival show and was a smash for him - he now wants to see more! Definitely worth a watch!!! 🙂"

Camilla L

Best of Cabaret

"amazing line up of acts"

Mark H

Do You Remember the First Rhyme?

"Wonderful show! I’ve been lucky enough to catch this show a couple of times in Manchester and it is superb. Funny, warm and uplifting x"

Ilaria P

Chris Grace: As Scarlett Johansson

"Excellent show! Chris is a very funny human! I'm a massive fan of SJ I can't believe the real Scarlett Johansson was standing in front of me on on strage in Edinburgh! She even brought her Black Widow costume!! 😍 Go see this if you are a fan of her!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Neal M

Ed: The New, Totally Unofficial, Ginger-Inclusive Parody Sketch Show

"Had a blast! The show pulls on your heart strings while also making you laugh-out loud."

Simon L

Lost in the Woods

"Our seven year old laughed his head off all the way through. As did his parents. In his words "it was amazing!""

Tom B


"I was truly transported by this show. Before coming to this play, I didn't know this world at all. By the end I was moved by Guffy and the small town where she's from. A mirror into how the lives of these people have been affected by the world around them..."

Nalini S

Tim Murray is Witches

"Tim took me on a RIDE!! A fantastic, deeply personal, weird, hilarious ride. I was laughing my socks off and then in tears at the end. You must see this show!!"

Nalini S

Certain Death and Other Considerations

"a haunting insight into the lives of regular people who know they’re gonna die, amazingly performed and aided by brilliant writing, funny and realistic !"

Jess G

Certain Death and Other Considerations

"This is an incredible play. One of the only pieces that really captures this exact moment, and depicts the sort of climate anxiety that so many of us are feeling today. Its portrayal is incredibly moving, yet it maintains a healthy sense of humor throughout. Please go see it if you ever think about the world ending."

Chris D

The Coil's Lament

"Fantastic show with a beautiful singing voice."

Tighearnan N

Vincent - His Quest to Love and Be Loved

"Wow, what a performance. It was just really sad that not every single seat was filled. A really solid performance with a singer with the most awesome voice I’ve heard in a while."

Stefan D

Charlie Vero-Martin: Picnic

"Sharp, crisp, fringy sketch comedy with puppets and participation. Picnic is a demented, hilarious blast."

James C

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