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The Transfiguration of Mrs Lamen

Presented By: PigPenProductions

Event name 24 29 Aug 2022


3-29 AUG - 11:15

Taking place backstage, on the night of an annual London pantomime, The Transfiguration of Mrs Lamen presents the unwinding of an ageing dame. As the show approaches, she drinks and pokes at her stage hand, talks of times past, spiralling through a world of theatrical mystery. The play has been described as Pinteresque, with moments of surreality, and a wealth of dark humour. An original script from performed playwright Alex J Yates.

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“It does for Panto what ‘The Entertainer’ did for Music Hall”

Daniel Tatarsky, Best Selling Author

3rd - 29th AUGUST 2022 


"it's a common misconception that the stage brings forth the most far reaching horrors/ when, in reality Boy, some horrors happen just beyond the dressing room door."


Following the success of 'Los Tres Cerditos' , PigPen was invited to one of the biggest, most prolific and sought after venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 2022 - The Gilded Balloon's Wine Bar.

What better piece to take to the greatest festival of arts in the world than a piece examining the compelling nature of life beyond the stage.


The piece itself draws from the very lifeblood of theatre, it is metatheatrical and equal parts comedic, dark and surreal. It takes place backstage, on the night of an annual London pantomime

'The Transfiguration of Mrs Lamen' presents the unwinding of an ageing dame. As the show approaches, she drinks and pokes at her stage hand, talks of times past, spiralling through a world of theatrical mystery. The play has been described as Pinteresque, with moments of surreality, and a wealth of dark humour


The production's set is anchored in a huge 6ft x 4ft dressing room mirror, dotted with led bulbs that illuminate the stage from the stage itself. 







"It does for Panto what 'The Entertainer' did for Music Hall" - Daniel Tatarsky, Best Selling Author

Gilded Balloon Teviot, Wine Bar

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New writing Theatre Hidden Drama


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the show centred around Mrs Lamen who held the audience whilst sharing their emotional journey. The performance was complimented by the strong performance of the boy and the director.Especially well done.to Oliver for his debut performance for the fringe. Having now seen it on Zoom I shall be booking a ticket to see live.

Review by Lorna, Sun 31 Jul 2022

twisted, humane and darkly funny. undisputedly the best thing you will see at the fringe this year

Review by Marcus, Sun 31 Jul 2022

Fantastic show, a must see for anyone who has an appreciation of the arts

Review by Zac, Sun 31 Jul 2022

Great original piece that ticks outside the boxes. uncomfortably funny and painful leaving you both repelled and attracted to Lamen. Darren delivers great pathos and is supported brilliantly by Charlie as the boy and olly as begger/director. having seen this raw and exposed i am looking forward to seeing at the venue and strongly recommend you book your seats!

Review by Christina, Sun 31 Jul 2022

Dark, poignant but with a sprinkling of humour. An incredible, moving performance performed by a fabulous cast. Amazing for anyone who has a love and appreciation for good theatre.

Review by Ally, Sun 31 Jul 2022

A fabulous strong performance from all the cast! It was moving, funny and tense all rolled into one. A great storyline which holds your interest throughout.

Review by Karen, Sun 31 Jul 2022

OBSCURE, TWISTED & GRIPPING. An absolute must watch drama this Year at Fringe.

Review by Ellis, Mon 01 Aug 2022

Dark humour meets the reality of theatre. Fantastic show, would not miss.

Review by Emily, Mon 01 Aug 2022

We saw this show on 08/08/22. Beautifully crafter and thought provoking. Well worth watching

Review by Judy, Mon 08 Aug 2022

Must see hidden gem, an excellently scripted, taut 3 hander. DArren Machin give a heavyweight performance as the (false) titular wannabe come never-was-been pantomime dame at the fag-end of life, struggling with booze,lines & relevance. far removed from his usual lighter roles here he's got something to really show off his acting chops. Charlie Thurston also gives a towering performance as the young tormented theatre runner, ably supported Oliver kemplay as the lost soul/director. If you like your drama strong this is for you. Think Harold Pinter writing a play about Archie Rice in a Dress and you'd be about 1/2 way there. Miss it at your peril.

Review by Chris, Mon 08 Aug 2022

One of the most fascinating pieces of theatre you will see at the fringe. An absolute must watch.

Review by George, Fri 12 Aug 2022

This play really has it all. Dark humour, brilliant dialogue, great performances and gripping throughout. Do not miss this one this year!

Review by Jack, Fri 12 Aug 2022

Amazing show, it was thoroughly enjoyed by me and friends. Exceptionally put together by the team would 100% recommend to anyone spending time at the fringe this summer!

Review by Emily, Sun 14 Aug 2022

Fantastic show with a great blend of humour with pure drama. Unmissable a real hidden gem amongst the fringe.

Review by Jack, Sun 14 Aug 2022

Great show ! Interesting, moving and darkly funny. Gives a great inside to the hidden world or theatre through nuanced writing. Would recommend to everyone no matter how experienced they are of a theatre watcher !

Review by Ellen, Sun 14 Aug 2022

Gilded Balloon Teviot, Wine Bar

24 29 Aug 2022


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Venue Number: 14

Age Rating: Age rating 14+

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Contains distressing themes, Scenes of a sexual nature, Scenes of violence, Strong language/swearing


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