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Jacqueline Novak: Get on Your Knees

Presented By: Show And Tell

Event name 11 14 Aug 2022


The most high-brow show about blow jobs you'll ever see.

Novak spins her material on the femininity of the penis and the stoicism of the vulva into an unexpectedly philosophical show that's part feminist outcry, part coming-of-age tale of triumph.

Extended six times off Broadway, with sold out runs at London's Soho Theatre and Leicester Square Theatre.

"Exudes both wit and wisdom... thoroughly deserving of its standing ovation." Evening Standard

"Remarkable... never stops being audaciously funny." ★★★★ Guardian

"Humour at its most articulate, funny but surprisingly philosophical too." ★★★★ Telegraph

‘Humour at its most articulate, funny but surprisingly philosophical too.’ The Telegraph

‘Remarkable…never stops being audaciously funny.’ ★★★★ The Guardian

‘Exudes both wit and wisdom…thoroughly deserving of its standing ovation’ ★★★★ London Evening Standard

‘Ladies and Gentleman, I have seen the Muhammad Ali of Comedy’ John Mulaney

‘It was a staggering show, the kind of thing that changed everyone in the room. I laughed beside a stranger and in laughing together we knew that we had both experienced the very thing Jacqueline was talking about. She’s major’ Miranda July

‘A meditation on oral sex that marries Attell-like punch lines to poetic musings and oddball physicality’ New York Times

‘It’s time to pay attention to comedian Jacqueline Novak’ Vanity Fair

‘Novak offers philosophical thinking worthy of Socrates alongside a well-lived life’s collection of dick jokes, proving herself to be the foremost expert on overthinking sexual acts- without getting overtly silly… Get on Your Knees masters a form of comedic over-analysis that is both earnest and hilarious’ Elle

‘Blessedly, Get on Your Knees turned out to be the seminal work on its subject, exploding with trenchant analysis and autobiographical experience with the act’ Rolling Stone

‘Novak’s comedy defamiliarizes, cutting through centuries of heterosexual lore to reveal the raw act as something even more absurd. Her approach is discursive, yet precise- Proust kneeling bedside on the carpet of a dorm’ The Sunday Times

Pleasance Courtyard, Forth

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Stand-up Solo show Comedy


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Pleasance Courtyard, Forth

11 14 Aug 2022



Tickets from £16.00


90 minutes

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Venue Number: 33

Age Rating: 16+

Event Warnings:

This performance contains strong language.


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