How much does it cost to create an account? 

Nothing; it's FREE :) 

Payments are only applicable if you wish to purchase/watch shows on the site which have a ticket price attached. 

Do I have to register to use the site? 

It's free to browse & use the site as well as watch free content. 

An account is required to purchase videos to watch online and/or rate & review shows. 

How do I login?

Existing users can login here ››

If you can’t remember your login details just click Forgotten password and we’ll reset your account.

New users please create an account here ››

A user account is not required to search the site or view free content. An account is required to make purchases or to rate shows/leave reviews. 

How do I watch a show?

Head to Find a Show and explore which shows are available by searching for something specific or exploring the different genre categories.  

Once you have chosen a show, for paid content, click Watch Now. For free events video will be displayed directly on the page. 

Please note you need to register/login before in order to purchase. 

Once the purchase has completed you have 28 days* to watch your rental before it expires.

*Producers/content owners may specify a shorter period in which you are allowed to watch their content. 

How do I pay for a show?

Payments are accepted online via the website with a credit or debit card. 

You only pay for what you want to watch and you can rent any show for up to 28 days*. 

Group booking rates may be available for certain shows. Please contact us to enquire. 

Some shows may have the option to allow you to pay what you want - allowing you to choose how you wish to support the artists.

*Producers/content owners may specify a shorter period in which you are allowed to watch their content. 

How long do I have to watch a show?

When you rent a show you then have 28 days* to watch it. During this time you can watch it as many times as you would like.

*Producers/content owners may specify a shorter period in which you are allowed to watch their content.

Can I download the videos to watch offline? 

Sorry, not at present. You must be online and connected to the website to be able to watch/stream shows. 

What payment methods to you accept?

At present we support the following Debit or Credit cards: 

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

For Group sales please get in touch and to discuss. 

Are there any additional charges? 

Prices are set by the producers/content owners. Showcatcher charges the price listed for each show with no additional fees to the user. 

Your card issuer and/or bank may include additional charges if your account is in a currency other than GBP£ Pound Sterling.

What countries can I watch from? 

Unless otherwise stated content is accessible worldwide on the web. 

Some producers/content owners may choose lock the video/content to specific geographical areas mainly due to rights restrictions. 

Where this is the case, it will be clearly displayed on the show page. 

How do I find which shows I've rented? 

Just head to the My Shows page to see which shows you’ve rented. 

From here you can pick a show to watch back or see how many days are left in your rental period.

Which web-browsers or devices can I use to watch shows? 

Any modern, up-to-date web-browser is supported. For example: 

Any computers or device (tablet, smartphone etc.) that can run the above will allow to you access everything within the site. 

Can I watch on my TV? 

How to watch on my TV

How do I watch on my Smart TV? 

You will need to have already paid and set up an account via the link above on your computer/phone/iPad first

PLEASE NOTE - We can not guarantee the compatibility with all smart TV browsers as they can vary hugely dependant on manufacturer and quality of browser app. 

  • Smart TV or FireStick - via the internet browser app visit (originaltheatreonline.com/login) into the browser, then enter the details you have been given above.
  • The email address you have signed up with
  • Password

You will then see your dashboard which will include the purchased videos which you can watch from here.

Video Playback Compatibility Details

Please see here for extra information regarding compatibility. 

Are subtitles available?

Subject to , there are subtitles available.

How do I get in touch if I have a problem? 

Just head to the Contact us page and let us know how we can help.

Showcatcher Pro Users

Who can have a Pro account? 

This area of the site for industry professionals. Producers, creators, performers, promoters and marketing teams. Pro accounts are verified and reviewed by Showcatcher.

How can I supply video content to be streamed?

Video files can be uploaded directly to Showcatcher as files if they are under 500MB. Video files can be uploaded in any standard digital video format; usually .mp4 or .mov 

Files over 500MB should be supplied via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar service, this method has no maximum file size (other than what the service might impose).

Can I supply a DVD of the show? 

Unfortunately no. You will need to arrange for the DVD contents to be transferred to a digital format. There are many companies you can find online who offer such services. 

Can I supply video hosted via YouTube or Vimeo? 

If you wish to distribute your event for free you can upload to YouTube or Vimeo in the first instance. When submitting the show, choose the YouTube/Vimeo option and 

I’m a Pro user who has set up a show; how will I be paid? 

Payouts are made monthly in arrears to a nominated bank account*. Alternatively you may supply a PayPal** email address to receive payouts. 

Showcatcher process the ticket payments online and reconciles on a monthly basis - on/around the 1st of the month - less any fees. 

*Payments are made in GBP£ Pounds Stirling. 
**PayPal may levy their own fees.
Showcatcher is not liable for any back/transaction fees you may incur. 

Can I add subtitles to videos? 

Yes. Subtitles need to be supplied as .vtt files. Once your video has been submitted, please forward your .vtt file to [email protected] 

More info on the webvtt subtitle format ››

Can I used Showcatcher.com on my marketing materials? 

Yes please do! 

We suggest adding the line: Available to stream on Showcatcher.com

If you would like to use our logo please click here for our logo artwork in a variety of formats. 

How do I get in touch if I have a problem? 

Just head to the Contact us page and let us know how we can help.